Dog Boarding

Our boarding facility is best suited for dogs who do not need to play with other dogs or run around. They have outdoor individual kennels (7’x10′) where they spend their time during the day while the hospital is open. They are cement floored kennels; this is where they can walk around, stretch their legs, go to the bathroom, eat, drink and relax on their beds. Other dogs are in view but they are kept separated at all times. Waste in kennels is cleaned up multiple times throughout the day. At night, the dogs are put into indoor kennels that vary in size. The size of an indoor kennel your pet will sleep in is dependent on his/her size. They are usually inside from 4:30pm to 7:00am the next morning. There is no staff that stays overnight. If you have 2+ dogs who you would prefer be kept together both inside and out, we will always accommodate your wishes. We can board up to 14 dogs at a time. You may bring your dog’s food that he/she eats at home or we feed them Hills Prescription Diet i/D while they are staying with us. It is a gastrointestinal¬†food that we sell in our lobby. We also love to spoil the pups that are staying with us so treats are a must when transferring to in and outdoor kennels. All treats given are treats that we sell in the lobby, love and trust. Upon request, baths may be given for an additional $25 per pet.¬†We do require all dogs that stay with us to be completely updated on their vaccinations and flea prevention

$27.00 per night
Extra $5.00 per night to administer medication

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