Angie Hager

Angela Hager was born 7.5 weeks premature at McCord Air force Base, weighting only 4lbs. Angie has lived in Tacoma her whole life with her husband Rob and two children Caylah and Cody. Angie has 1 Chihuahua (Elvis), 2 Shih Tzu’s (Lilly and Teddy) and 2 orange cats (Simba and Spike). In her free time she likes to cuddle with her puppies and kitties, spend time with her granddaughter listen to country music. Angie has been working at this clinic since 1994! Before starting here Angie was a stay home mom. As of March, Angie is a grandmother to the beautiful Miss Darla Louise.Everyone has a spot on the couch!Simba & Spike

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